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I was born and raised in Malaysia - and other than being schooled in the UK - I have lived and worked in SE Asia all of my life. I have been visiting Bali since 1986.

I live and work in Bangkok so it's only a 4 hour flight down to my villa which I acquired in May 2018. It took 4 months to make her 'just right' and we opened our doors end-2018. I have been blessed with a Balinese manager named Ketut who looks after the villa brilliantly - and equally importantly, the guests that fly in from all corners of the world.

I was a regular AirBnb guest and was frequently disappointed by the hands-off approach from many hosts..little or no customer experience. In my opinion this is a service industry that we a part of. So we have gone out of our way to ensure that this is a fun, luxurious yet affordable experience beyond compare in Bali, the Island of Gods and Spirits.

I am very happy that Villa Nyumpené is the first in Bali to be listed on Houfy!
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Villa Nyumpené.  Free Breakfast & Transfers*

Villa Nyumpené. Free Breakfast & Transfers*

Villa Nyumpené. Free Breakfast & Transfers* One of Bali's most luxurious villas sits in nearly 17,000 sqft of tropical gardens. Unique!

3 Bedrooms  3.5 Bathrooms
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