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Select the number of properties you own or manage
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Total $5.99 / one time feeIcon
unlimited listings


Booking fee of 0%

Commissions of 0%

Instant Payments to your Stripe or Square account

Calendar synchronisation with Airbnb & VRBO and others


Unlimited photos

Host verification badge

Custom quotes

Customizable rental agreement

Text on receiving a message on Houfy

Scheduled messages

Share links in the Houfy messaging

Custom links

Add co-hosts (requires host verification)

Pricelabs connection

Host Tools Connection

Hosptitable Connection(Coming soon)

per listing per month
Total$7.99 / year
Billed yearly for 1 listing
Choose how often you'd like to be billed.

Includes: free plan plus

Import Airbnb pricing & Sync Calendar

Higher position in search results

Ownerrez Connection

Hostify Connection(Coming soon)

Option to hide price comparison

Hide nearby listings on the listing page

Show external links on your Houfy listing

Show email/phone number on the listing page

per listing per month
Total$9.99 / year
Billed yearly for 1 listing
Choose how often you'd like to be billed.

Includes Free & Lite, plus:

Widgets to include on your own website.

Fully customizable single/multi rental website builder tools

Connect multiple external domains

Free SSL certificate for each domain

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