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Listing your property is easy. Scroll down to import quickly, or create your listing from scratch – get started today
Listing your property is easy. Scroll down to import quickly, or create your listing from scratch – get started today
Why list on Houfy?
Houfy makes it simple to list your property. Houfy is ideal for your return guests to connect directly with you. You are in full control of your calendar, pricing, rules, and how you connect with guests.
Accepting payments
Get paid instantly through Square or Stripe. Houfy has connected both payment services for you to collect payment directly from your guests or accept payments the way you want.
Our community is our priority
Here’s how we’re helping you feel confident welcoming guests:
  • Your property, your rules – You are in control of your prices, policies, and rules for guests
  • We’ve got you covered – Join our facebook community page for any questions you might have

18 Bookings and many requests in 4 Months!

Houfy is wonderful! I've connected my listings to Google maps and on my Facebook pages and love the fact I am in total control of when I receive payment from my guests. Stripe does wonders for me on Houfy.

Arahura Valley, New Zealand

Houfy Builds Trust

When planning or on vacation, guests want answers to their questions immediately. When entertaining an inquiry by strangers, vacation home owners want answers too. By allowing us to share information online, on or off platform, and directly with each other, builds the trust we all need.

Pensacola Beach, USA


Our subscription plans will be available later in 2023 or early 2024. Our mission is 0% commissions, zero service fees, and to ensure you can connect directly with clients on our platform.

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How Houfy works
We give you the freedom to share information, build your brands, grow your businesses, and everything in between. Your property, your rules.
We are a like minded community working together to achieve a common goal. Many Houfy members help each other by sharing information and inquiries. Houfy truly is a different kind of community.
Trust is important to us. Get to know your customer! At Houfy we believe it's a must for members to be able to connect directly before making a reservation.