Houfy Publishing Platform Guidelines

Houfy's Publishing Platform is an ideal place to develop and strengthen your property's information by sharing your knowledge and expertise near your place. It will be tied to your profile and if you wish to your listing. Here are some guidelines to consider as you use the publishing platform:

  • Content published on Houfy's publishing platform remains your work. You own the rights to any original articles you publish.
  • You can request the deletion of your content from our platform at any time.
  • Houfy can distribute your content, annotate your content (e.g., to highlight that your views may not be the views of Houfy), and sell advertising on pages where your content appears.
  • Expect that your articles will be publicly available and can be shared.
  • Postings for Listings don't belong on our publishing platform. Learn more about posting a listing on Houfy and the Premium Listings account.
  • Advertisements and promotions for specials, products, or services aren't appropriate content for article publishing. Advertisements can be purchased using Houfy Marketing Solutions.
  • Remember to be professional and don't post anything misleading, fraudulent, obscene, threatening, hateful, defamatory, discriminatory, or illegal.
  • You're responsible for the content of your articles, including any harm caused by you to others, or harm caused to you through your use of this service.
  • Houfy may restrict, suspend, or terminate your Houfy account and/or disable your articles for any violation of the Terms and Conditions. Please refer to our Terms and conditions for full details.
  • Houfy will disable accounts found using infringing content.

Please don't publish anything you don't have permission to share. This includes other people's articles, things that you've found on the Internet, or content that belongs to your employer but not you. Most content on the Internet belongs to someone, and unless you have clear permission from the owner to share it, you shouldn't include it in your articles. You can republish something that you have published somewhere else, as long as it is original content that you own the rights to.

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