Safeguarding Your Home and Preventing Fraud with Ease

Discovering property damages can be a stressful experience, and ensuring your peace of mind is our highest priority. That’s why we’ve introduced HoufyProtect in partnership with Superhog. This innovative program replaces traditional damage deposits with a hassle-free, comprehensive protection plan, offering up to $20,000 in coverage.

HoufyProtect is designed to provide a seamless hosting experience, enhancing guest satisfaction while safeguarding your property. With Superhog's expertise in managing incidents, they will handle everything from claim processing to dispute resolution, allowing you to host with confidence and peace.

20,000 USD

Coverage on all approved bookings

Seamless guest screening

Automatic spotting of fraudulent bookings and problematic guests

What Do You Get with Seamless Screening and Protection?

Simplified Booking Process

Guests experience a smoother, quicker booking process without the burden of upfront security deposits. Hosts enjoy easy approval without the need for manual guest assessments.

Enhanced Protection

HoufyProtect provides comprehensive coverage, offering hosts a robust safeguard against potential damages.

Time and Resource Savings

Hosts can redirect their focus from managing deposits to delivering exceptional guest experiences. No more administrative tasks related to traditional deposits, allowing for more efficient property management.

Houfy Inc.

Why HoufyProtect?

Protection without the Fuss
Bid farewell to cumbersome damage deposits. With HoufyProtect, hosting has never been easier.
Increased Bookings
Stand out from the crowd by offering guests a secure and trustworthy booking experience. More protection means more bookings for your property.
Enhanced guest satisfaction
Delight your guests with peace of mind. By prioritizing their security, you'll earn glowing reviews and repeat bookings.

How it works

Set up HoufyProtect
Manage Listings > Edit Listing > Pricing > Damage Deposits Activate HoufyProtect.
Guest Booking
Once the host activates HoufyProtect, a nominal fee of $5 per night will be added to the total booking cost for guests. This will initiate a guest screening and once approved, the host receives $20,000 in coverage.
Peace of Mind
Rest easy knowing once the booking is approved, your property is protected. In the unlikely event of damages, HoufyProtect has you covered.
*HoufyProtect is currently not available in Mexico, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand.

Need to submit a claim?

Follow the steps provided in this Incident Submission Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

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Join the thousands of hosts who trust HoufyProtect to safeguard their properties and enhance guest satisfaction. Activate HoufyProtect today and experience hosting with peace of mind like never before.

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