About Houfy

We’re changing the way people book directly with hosts.

Houfy.com is a unique vacation rental advertising platform connecting guests and hosts worldwide, presenting a model that does away with percentage service or booking fees.

Our mission is to empower everyone to book direct and save on service fees

Leadership Team

Comprising seasoned travelers and skilled technologists, our team operates remotely, transcending geographical boundaries, cultural differences, and language barriers. We hold the firm belief that creative collaboration knows no limits, driving us to craft exceptional products to facilitate direct connections between guests and hosts.

Thijs Aaftink

Thijs Aaftink

CEO & Founder

Van der Vegt

Warner Van der Vegt


Swapnil Chavan

Swapnil Chavan


Our Values


We strive for excellence in whatever we do. We mean it when we say that a product should work for our members and not the other way around. Every feature is designed with ease of use in mind to deliver the best user experience.


Our members’ satisfaction and success is at the heart of everything we do. We passionately strive to help our members with the best support we can give, and we believe that when our members win, we all win.

Speed and Execution

We believe the faster you execute, the faster you learn, iterate, and improve. By proactively seeking feedback from our community, we are continuously empowered and driven to make Houfy a better product every day.


We have embedded inclusivity in the core of our company values and provide an experience open to everyone. We prioritize inclusion and diversity not only because it is right, but because we believe it creates a better product.

Integrity, Transparency and Trust

Integrity, transparency, and trust define our commitment at Houfy. We value open communication and strive to be a reliable partner for our users. By fostering trust within our team and with our community, we promote collaborative efforts that lead to efficient execution and meaningful results.

Houfy data points

Direct bookings

With nearly two decades of experience in the vacation rental industry, Thijs, the founder of houfy.com, embarked on a transformative journey in 2013. Driven by frustration with existing vacation rental marketplaces, he identified a significant pain point: the exorbitant service fees associated with these platforms. Reflecting on his own experience, Thijs estimated that over a ten-year period, he could have saved more than $300,000 USD if he hadn't been burdened by these fees.

This realization led him to recognize the flaws and monopolistic nature of the industry, where homeowners were losing control over their ability to rent out properties on their own terms. They were forced to rely on marketplaces that offered little to no say in the accompanying conditions. Determined to challenge the status quo, Thijs set out to create houfy—a vacation rental marketplace that would eliminate high service fees and empower hosts once again.

Design & Code

Thijs & Swapnil start designing and coding Houfy together with an active Facebook community of hosts


Houfeed & Stripe/Square Integration

Members can write posts and create collections to share with guests. Late 2018 we integrated Stripe and Square for hosts to collect payments directly from guests through Houfy.


Ownerrez Integration

Created Houfy widgets.


Interhome & Hosttools & Pricelabs partner with Houfy

Added partners and created website building tools for hosts.


Happy.rentals partners with Houfy

Over 15 Mln direct bookings processed through Houfy Bookings.


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