Tip 1) Advertise everywhere!

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This might sound strange, coming from me, trying to promote Houfy as an influencer; but: we are here to help you in any way possible to get you more bookings directly!

The next few weeks I will come up with some tips; How to get more bookings!

The top listing sites, Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, Tripadvisor (Flipkey) and Booking are continuously growing more saturated and thus less effective.

Tip 1) Advertise everywhere!

Most probably all of these sites will be using the "Booking. com" system in the future where the guests pay 0 fees! It will be the homeowner paying them for the use of their services and marketing their properties just like Hotels do on Booking. com.

Airbnb/Expedia Group/Tripadvisor might become all fee free sites! Maybe even with the "Cancel Anytime" options for guests.. As an homeowner/manager, you can agree or not.

OK - Please read that again!

If you haven’t already noticed, the number of vacation rentals in your area has probably doubled, if not tripled within the past few of years. Basically, you’ve never had as many properties fighting for the same visibility as you do today.

One of the ways to put the odds on your side is to expand your reach, and diversify your marketing channels to hit all corners of the industry. 

The more marketing channels (listing sites) you use, the more visibility you’ll have, and the more chances you’ve got to generate bookings.

Most of the people are just listed on 2 sites: Airbnb & VRBO.

We know that staying on top of all the advertising you already have is hard enough. We also know that adding more sites to the mix is not only extremely time consuming, but that the trial and error can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly too. 

Nonetheless, it’s what you have to do if you want to truly succeed in today’s vacation rental industry.

Houfy will be free to list on for the foreseeable future and is trying very hard to make the "time consuming process" of updating listing information as easy as possible. I know they are working on an API to have pricing and seasons synced. Already adding a listing doesn't take too long!

Tip 1) Advertise everywhere!
Backup & sync your listing(s) in 10 SEC into the Houfy Network | HOUFY
Houfy has created a simple tool to create a backup of your listing including pictures and reviews. You never know!

I will add a list of recommended fee free sites soon! as well as non-recommended sites!

Thanks Julie!

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Last modified: 4 years ago
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