Should you fancy a change from the lush green countryside surrounding The Crest, I would suggest heading 25 minutes down the A32 to Hill Head. From Hill head you can walk right along the coast to the more tourist section of coast, Lee-On-Solent where you'll find fish n' chips, and a fun little parade of shops and cafes. Hill Head is lower key and my favourite spot. Just set back from the coast is a lovely (dog friendly) café called Breezes and in the other direction to Lee-On-Solent is a great flat walk right up to the Titchfield Haven Natural Reserve which covers 369 acres of the Meon Valley. The reserve is a natural habitat of river, fen, pools, reedbed and meadow, giving protection to a range of special wildlife including Water Voles, birds, dragonflies and plants. Please note dogs are not allowed into the reserve. ⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃⊂⊃ This list is in no way complete but for now, it will give you an idea of what beautiful walks you have access to. Not enough? An excellent website for finding numerous walks around our neck of the woods is National Trails or Hampshire Life Walks Book The Crest for your next walking holiday Click Here #weekendwalks, #southdownwalks, #meonvalleywalks

Walks Close By

A Round Up of Some of My Favourite Walks in the South of the UK

Walks A little Further Away

A Round Up of Some of My Favourite Walks in the South of the UK

Photo Credit: Simon K Lewis Photography

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