Jennifer Largent

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My husband Larry and I live in Minnesnowta (haha) land of four seasons, pre-winter, winter, post winter and next winter. We wanted to try somewhere new to vacation and decided to give the OBX a try. We fell in love with it. The beaches are clean and pristine. The people were friendly and kind and we found Hatteras Island was charming and we lost ourselves in island time. Once you travel across the Bonner Bridge you become immune to time as your soul begins to replenish and time has no meaning. So in late 2016 we decided to buy. Since we are so far away (approx 22 hrs by car) we didn't want a house because of the daily maintenance. We decided on a condo and bought this one sight unseen. We were in for a huge surprise because all of the furnishings and decor had to be tossed. We started completely over, we still are a work in progress with the kitchen ( will be finished in March, 2016) and bathrooms will be next. We have 5 kids and 10 grandchildren from 21 down to 2 months. Nine girls and one boy ( he is very spoiled by his cousins and someday will appreciate all the dates he will aquire) We love each of them with all of our breath and soul. We hope that someday when they inherit their children will visit the OBX and love it as much as we do. We try to come down 3-4 times a year and spend an extended amount of time now that my hubby is retired but our children and gkids are here so this will always be our first home. We truly hope that you will enjoy your stay at Mad Hatteras. We have tried to make it as visually inviting as possible and also comfortable at the same time. Please take care of our home it is our legacy to future generations in our family. God bless, Jennifer and Larry