Ivor Tillier

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Originally from Buckinghamshire, I live in London with my partner Kate. I work for a company that publishes academic journals for science, technology and medicine (and the Dummies series of books!). Kate works for the NHS.

I actually do something called 'User Experience', which means building websites that are useful and usable. This involves lots of listening to people to find out what they really want and then making sure that the website contains all the right features and that it is easy to use.

This is why I love renting out the apartment so much. It's all about talking to people and making sure that the apartment will give them what they are looking for - a pleasant and relaxing place to stay.

There's more to it than that though. The interesting thing about building websites is that they don't sit in a bubble. When you use websites, you have lots of things going on around you. And, what you do on the site often has an impact later on (like you now - looking for a place to go on holiday!). So when I build websites, I don't just think about the site, I also think how it is going to help the person in their day to day life. That's the same with renting a holiday home.

Going on holiday is a journey, you look for somewhere to go, you make a decision, you pack, you fly there, you have a wonderful holiday and then you return and tell your friends family and colleagues at work about it. I want to make sure that the bit where you stay in a wonderful apartment is brilliant because I really know how important it is in your life.

You can Google me easily to find out more about what I do - Ivor Tillier.