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I am not getting any inquiries from Houfy. Why?

Houfy is a project in the making and being developed as we are writing this. (edited Mch 2019) Houfy is a market network: combining marketplaces with a social and publishing tools.

Houfy will require a large, high quality, inventory (= number of listings) together with a decent percentage of members participating in our growth through interaction on our social site/sharing their posts/guides and listings socially to become successful. This will take time.

Houfy will be free to advertise your listing.

How do I get more views on my listing?

  • Reach out to repeat guests
  • Post your Houfy listing to Facebook/Google groups you are in (yard sale types that allow it and vacation home rental groups in your area) or boost some of your posts.
  • Show your friends and family your Houfy link and ask those with Facebook pages to post and share on theirs; asking friends for views and shares.

Where can I see how many views my listing has been viewed?

Please log in to your account, click on your pic/top right and select "My listings"

Or: go to your listing and scroll down:

Thank you for your patience and participation.

Thijs (Tice) & Swapnil

Please be advised we are still working on Houfy and improving the site daily. To learn more: Join us @ Say Yes to Houfy on Facebook!

03-12-2019 2:32 AM

What can we do to help?

03-12-2019 5:41 PM

received an inquiry that I need to answer... have no idea how as been so long since have been on site

03-13-2019 1:22 PM

Hi Judy,

Many ways to help Houfy:

  • We need new members to join our movement - tell your friends, neighbors
  • Share your listing socially
  • Try learning more about Houfy, create guides and stories
  • Inform your previous guests

Thanks T

03-13-2019 1:23 PM

Hi Kristal, let me e-mail you later today. Log in/top right of screen or click on your profile pic. Select my listings to edit your listing or click on the bel to message with your guests.

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