I am not getting any inquiries from Houfy. Why?

Houfy is a project in the making and being developed as we are writing this. (edited June 2 2019) Houfy is a market network: combining marketplaces with a social and publishing tools.

Houfy will require a large, high quality, inventory (= number of listings) together with a decent percentage of members participating in our growth through interaction on our social site/sharing their posts/guides and listings socially to become successful. This will take time.

Houfy will be free to advertise your listing.

How do I get more views on my listing?

  • Reach out to repeat guests
  • Post your Houfy listing to Facebook/Google groups you are in (yard sale types that allow it and vacation home rental groups in your area) or boost some of your posts.
  • Show your friends and family your Houfy link and ask those with Facebook pages to post and share on theirs; asking friends for views and shares.

Where can I see how many views my listing has been viewed?

Please log in to your account, click on your pic/top right and select "My listings"

Or: go to your listing and scroll down:

Thank you for your patience and participation.

Thijs (Tice) & Swapnil

Please be advised we are still working on Houfy and improving the site daily. To learn more: Join us @ Say Yes to Houfy on Facebook!

Mar 12, 2019

What can we do to help?

Mar 12, 2019

received an inquiry that I need to answer... have no idea how as been so long since have been on site

Mar 13, 2019

Hi Judy,

Many ways to help Houfy:

  • We need new members to join our movement - tell your friends, neighbors
  • Share your listing socially
  • Try learning more about Houfy, create guides and stories
  • Inform your previous guests

Thanks T

Mar 13, 2019

Hi Kristal, let me e-mail you later today. Log in/top right of screen or click on your profile pic. Select my listings to edit your listing or click on the bel to message with your guests.

Jun 06, 2019

Spread the word, it is that easy folks. It may seem vain at first but seeds grow.

Jun 08, 2019

No inquiries at all from Houfy...does not make sense. I am a 5 star condo on VRBO and IVOL. All my comments are great. Help......

Jun 09, 2019


Are you participating in the Say Yes to Houfy Facebook group? Please join if you have not so that you can understand more about how Houfy works. I see that on your listing you are asking people to book you and ask questions at your personal website, on ECBYO, and on IVOL. And you offer no way for travelers to book directly through Houfy. So, you likely won't ever see an inquiry come from Houfy's message system if you are asking people to contact and book you through other sites.

Jun 24, 2019

Did you read the above article? Larisse. I see you only have 21 views on your listing, showing you are not sharing your listing anywhere. If you get a booking it would be due to another member sharing their listing socially.