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Edited Aug 10th, 2019 - We will change this document the next few months.

Swapnil and I wanted to thank all of you immensely for your participation with Houfy.
We are seeing increased activity which is great news.

Most of you are “long time" Houfy members or know me from the say no VRBO group. I would like to remind you, we are very much still developing the site. You might have seen us jump around a bit from payments to reviews, to real estate and to guides. Some of you might think this project is way too large to manage with just 2 people.. We are handling it quite well and we love what we do. You are all keeping the spirit alive! Thank you.

What is the idea with Houfy? OK, I am going to make you laugh a bit..

I see Houfy as a large Shopping Mall. (Cristina and I have built 2 houses, so I am quite patient..) The shopping mall has some wings, USA, Carribean, Europe etc.
Within these wings sections: States/Countries/Areas and within those sections: Destinations “Shops” or some specialized shops - Pet friendly/kite surf/horse riding/family friendly etc.

Each listing is an item for sale in the shop or in more shops. (Well, for vacation rentals mostly at the moment)

Hopefully some of you might be interested in managing a shop-destination: This will require checking your inventory/verification of listings/guides & posts of the members of your destination etc. The shop owner should be knowledgeable of the Houfy wiring and plumbing in case of emergencies.. and of course make sure its inventory is up to the malls “standards”..
Shop owners manage the Houfy shop (Elec/plumbing) and in return get part ownership of the Mall + income generated from the shop.(Specials and other ways)

Right now: we are still building the mall.. connecting cables, changing wires & doing some paint work and fixing plumbing issues.. smile. There are over 5000 listings or items spread around the mall.
Our plan for this year is to increase the listings to around (15.000) with the help of a few “Shop” owners/destination managers.

Pavement of the parking: This is planned for December 2019. Some guests are finding the mall through some dirt roads.. (We did notice we need to add some better signs on the #bookdirect highway) Maybe opening party in 2020?

How is anyone going to find out about the mall?

Here comes the trigger: The mall is unknown at the moment. The mall is a network, everyone in the mall is somehow connected.. shop owners know their inventory owners, who also know all places around them which they could recommend.. FYI: there are about 50.000 + posts on Houfy. (Indexed for SEO purposes) with only 5000+ listings indexed..

A shop will work quite well once the shop owner has a great inventory with active participation of its members within the shop. ( = posting guides/SHARING socially/writing stories) - It will be our job to correctly “sort/filter” all posts/guides for each destination. (Programmatically) + make sure members write good posts for SEO purposes.

The more stories/guides are made or shared the more the mall will get known. Be advised you can add/collect/bookmark some stories from other members to your guides.. No need to rewrite a great post. We are currently calculating points/shares. All members actively involved will get rewarded. (Hopefully this can be done in stock-ownership of Houfy) - Blockchain 2020/2021

Why would you share local information or spend any time on this?

There is absolutely no chance in my opinion to compete with any large listing sites without a serious budget. I have spent 1000s of $ testing Houfy on ads and do not believe it to be successful in the long run. Charging you for listing fees and spending it on Google or Facebook would not bring us very far.

Swapnil and I can continue doing what we do for the next 3+ years without asking any of you for listing fees. What can we do together to make Houfy/the Mall a success?

I’m a firm believer sharing good local information will help all of us in the long run and spending a bit of your time on Houfy will definitely help You or Other members get direct bookings.

The next few months we will “clean up” Houfy with verified listings, ask owners to update pics, calendars, pricing etc. I will also make some more video’s and live Facebook sessions with tips + start the first Houfy shop Robert Geller: Fabstayz.com

Swapnil and I will continue to make Houfy better every week.

Thanks again to all of you for helping us out. And keep coming with suggestions/tips/errors etc. We will get the plumbing and electric fixed..+ we tested the roof and it is water proof.. smile..

Thanks T & S

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