Houfy Member Verification Process

Jan 23, 2019 . 1 min read

Houfy is in the process of making a system for verifying all members online as well as offline called OK*ID. It is being created to improve the trust among the Houfy community. The member's profile at Houfy should also have a profile photo, verified email address as well as a phone number.

It will be extremely important for us at Houfy to prevent fraud on the marketplaces. The verification process will help to ensure, in the case of our lodging marketplace, that guests have someone who they can hold responsible in the event a problem arises with a booking. And vice versa for hosts to prevent fraud.

New members receive a welcome e-mail which looks like this: (Should this e-mail arrive in your spam folder: please add Houfy as non-spam)

Menu > Profile > Edit Profile > Verifications

  • Members will be asked to check their name and other information on their profile.
  • Adding a picture will be required later in 2019.

Click on the tab verifications:

Members who click "verify your e-mail" should be getting an e-mail like this:

Members who click "verify your phone" should be getting text message with a code.


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