SHARE - SHARE - SHARE To Face Book Vacation Rental Sites

Generosity - nothing can be more rewarding than giving a gift or a helping hand.

Some Houfy members have started to share other member properties to Face Book sites. Think of the potential about this. A few immediate developments would be a booking for another member, the creation of a community of support and friendships and a real potential that Houfy can gain considerable name recognition. Houfy could eventually become the top-dog and the Go-To OTA ?

SHARE - SHARE - SHARE To Face Book Vacation Rental Sites
"What Goes - Around, Comes - Around!" Words to live by.

In order to help this SHARE process move along I've compiled a few FB pgs. I've joined and post to on a regular basis. Most FB sites ask that postings be limited to once a week, but if there are several of us doing this the Houfy brand will grow.

The following links are sites I've compiled in my areas, please add those you also have.

Rent it Last Minute

Vacation Rentals By Owners - No Booking Service Fees

VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner)

VACATION HOMES...In Spectacular Global Locations

VRBO Alternatives

Vacation Homes USA and Canada

Vacation Rental Owners

VRBO Alternatives


Airbnb Book Direct Instead!

Direct Vacation Rentals

The #Book Direct Map

These are but a few which are not area specific, search your local for others that are in the areas which YOUR guests live and come from

I encourage HOUFIES to participate and SHARE as much as your able - all of us will benefit.

SHARING to your traveling friends is greatly appreciated.

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