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We're Fran and Charlie Garcia and have lived in the Tucson metro area for most of our adult lives. We LOVE Tucson and especially midtown as it's so convenient to get to all the great venues, restaurants and attractions that Tucson has to offer. This apartment is attached to our home but we're highly sensitive to your privacy and recognize that you don't come to Tucson to visit us. There's only the two of us here but we do have a Guest House with a very long-term tenant in there on the far other side of the property. Charlie has been at his job for over thirty years and in all those years has never called in sick or been late to work! Fran works out of the home and runs the VRs . We do have another one and if you need a larger place and/or one that accepts larger or multiple dogs, please be sure to see our other listing here Glenn House as well as visit the Glenn House website: http://glennhousevr.com
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They say never go to the grocery store hungry or you could walk out buying everything in Aisle 3. This Grocery Store Guide will be in both Miscellaneous Guides and Dining Guides. I've created an online map so our Guests can easily find their way to these stores from either Garcia House VR or
Yummy Mexican Food no more than Fifteen Minutes Drive. Tucson has got the distinction of having the "Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food In America". Look it up :-) It's so true. With that in mind and the countless Mexican restaurants this town offers, I'm pointing you to some that
Mama Mia! That's a Good Pizza! Who doesn't love pizza -- not anybody I know that's for sure and our Guests do too. Tucson has way too many fantastic pizza joints so I decided to put together some of the very top pizza places and other good ones that are all within fifteen minutes drive.
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