Felicia Megdal

I am a Southern California native, born and raised in Long Beach, Calif.; however, I've lived all over the West Coast, and even did a stint in NYC. I love road trips and traveling in the United States. My dream is to spend a year driving around America in an RV.

I'm somewhat of a massage connoisseur, and cannot live without getting at least one massage a week. If you're interested, I know of all the great, cheap places locally. If you haven't been to a Korean Spa I highly recommend trying it and can provide some great ideas. I've been to them all!

I also love food, especially breakfast, and know all the local joints. All my favorite places are listed in the guest manual. If you 're looking for something special just ask!

My default as far as my philosophy of hosting is hands off because that's what I prefer when I'm a guest. I am super busy and don't have a ton of time to be a tour guide, but I've lived in this region all my life, and I can point you in the right direction.