How I Get Guests From Other Sites to Join Houfy

In my experience, it's easier to convince guests to join Houfy, rather than fellow owners. Guests are excited about planning their trip and happily join Houfy to read my guidebooks. Three out of every four of my guests joins Houfy before they have even stayed at my property.

I get very few repeats, but these guests may use Houfy the next time they are looking for accommodations, and book your property for their next vacation.

This is the procedure I follow every time a guest makes a reservation.

1. I email my rental agreement, house notes document, and departure checklist.

2. I log into my Houfy dashboard and send my arrival guidebook directly from Houfy.

3. I send the guest my invite link to join Houfy; this is done directly from Houfy. You have the option to copy and paste your invite link into an email, if you prefer to do it that way.

4. I go back to my gmail and send the email below. Feel free to use any parts of this template:

"Dear Guest,

I just sent the arrival information from Houfy.  It includes:

  • Check-in instructions
  • Cabin Supplies
  • Directions

Please confirm you received it; if not, I will resend.

You should have also received my invite to join Houfy, and read my local guidebooks about things to do, restaurants, etc.  Houfy is a free new social site for travelers.  It takes just a few seconds to verify your phone and email. 

After you join, just "follow" me on there.  You will receive any new posts I make on Houfy in your houfeed.  Past guests have signed up and found my guidebooks to be very helpful with planning their trip. 

You can comment on guidebooks and share your experiences with other travelers, friends, and family.  You can even write your own if you want....really cool site! 

You can also book our property and others for free on Houfy - no need to pay VRBO's service fees when your credit card protects you anyway!

If you have any trouble finding me, just click on the "H" in the top left corner and type in "1781" (that's our listing number) or start typing "Bridget" into the search bar - then click on my profile and the FOLLOW button.  Email me or text me if you need any help! 

Feel free to forward my invite to the other members of your group.   


After the guest has departed, I also send a thank you departure email. I thank the guest for staying and educate them how to google properties to find them outside of OTA's, and I remind of them of Houfy again.

Jun 20, 2019

This is excellent Bridget! I am going to steal parts of this from you. Well done.

Jun 20, 2019

Hope it works for you! I had a better conversion rate once I stopped thinking I needed to "explain" Houfy because it was a new site in development, etc. Once I began to talk about it like it always existed, I realized nobody ever asked me anything about it anyway.

Jun 20, 2019


Until notifications are implemented later on, the only way to tell someone has joined is by typing their name in the search bar. That's how I can tell. If the name is unique enough. So I may check a few days later or sometime before the guest stay and see that they have joined. And hopefully later we will have a link that will invite someone to directly follow us.

Jun 20, 2019

All good to know, thank you! I am now putting together a Welcome Guide (better late than never) that I can email out to future guests. I very rarely get repeat guests - we are one night stop tourist town with mostly overseas visitors. But, maybe they will sign up and book someone else's place via Houfy.

Jun 23, 2019