Airport Shuttle

We recommend Gerardo Barragan Figueroa of Transportadora & Operadora Turistica ITZAYANA

Cell: 52 (984) 745 0695



Taxis are abundant and fairly inexpensive. Just walk toward 5th Avenue and you can easily find one. Taxi drivers will accept USD but normally at a lesser exchange rate. You can count on about $1 USD for every minute of travel.


ADO is the local bus system with the main station located on 5th Avenue and Juarez Street. They have schedules to and from the Cancun Airport as well. Check out their schedule and rates at

Transportation/Getting Around


These are mini-vans that run up and down the main highway. These are a fraction of the cost of the ADO bus and generally used by local residents. You can wave them down or head to the colectivo “terminal” located on Calle 2 South between 10th and 15th Avenues. Bicycle Rental

There are a number of shops along 10th Avenue that rent bicycles.

Transportation/Getting Around

Ferry to Cozumel

At the southern end of 5th Avenue you can catch the ferry to Cozumel. It takes only 30 minutes to travel to Cozumel. Cost is about $135-167MX each way and children 2 to 12 years old are 50% off an adult ticket. First ferry leaves at 6:45am and last ferry back from Cozumel leaves at 10:00pm.

Transportation/Getting Around

Cancun International Airport

Plan to arrive at least 2 hours before your departure. If you are returning a rental car you should expand that to 3 hours. Be sure to have all your immigration paperwork with you.

Transportation/Getting Around
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