How to choose the right space to turn any vacation into your dream getaway.

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2 years ago
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Let’s face it. We all need a vacation. Right now. But if you’re anything like me, the joy and relaxation that comes from any vacation is often overshadowed by the stress of actually planning one. There are soooo many choices to make. Where do I go? What should I do? And of course, Where am I going stay? Hotel? All-inclusive resort? What about a vacation rental? Beyond the millions of reasons why we need a vacation, finding the right space can make or break any trip you take.

When it comes to choosing a space to call home for a few days, these are a few of things I like to keep in mind:

Gimme some space.

When I come back from a beach or a hike or day at the market, I want to relax in my own space without having to play an endless game of musical chairs with my fellow traveling companions or wondering how housekeeping chose to judge me that day. Give me the true comfort of a home with a kitchen, a regular-sized refrigerator, and few couches to nap on. Also, I don’t want my bathroom business spilling into our shared living space like it might in a cramped hotel room. So, yes, I want my own sink. Is that too much to ask?

Some good old-fashioned peace and quiet.

Sure, I love a good party. Except when the party is right down the hall and I’ve got to get up at 6 am to make a bus, boat or llama back. So though the idea of getting cheap lodgings per night in a hotel can sound appealing, sometimes the true cost comes from the unknown actions of a few thousand strangers staying in the same building. Especially when four of them can’t find the right room at 3 am after their best friend’s bachelorette party and they come a-knocking on my door.

My time shouldn’t have to abide by your schedule.

All-inclusives have a lot of shiny appeal upfront. Look at all the stuff you can do! Look at all the food you can eat! The booze is practically free! They have activities we can do! But when I’m on vacation, the last thing I want to do is abide by someone else’s schedule. Especially when I took off my watch four days ago. I’ll eat when I’m hungry. I’ll leave when I’m ready. So yes, the pre-planned, I-don’t-have-to-plan-anything adventures som resorts offer are nice. But when a half-hungover tour guide is telling me I need to back on the bus in 15 minutes or else, the spirit of adventure gets lost pretty quickly. Especially when your bus is crammed full of unapologetic tourists complaining about whatever the hell they could possibly find to complain about in paradise. Oh, the heat is bothering you? Maybe you shouldn’t have come to the tropics.

Food. Food. Food. And more food.

Food is the ultimate vacation adventure. It gives me a chance to try something new with every plate. Give me spice. Give me sweets. Give me weird ingredients I can’t pronounce properly. Give me culinary creations that perfectly blend culture, creativity and cuisine. I will eat. That. Stuff. Up. Which is why, after two days off the same menu at an all-inclusive resort or some overpriced hotel, I’m outta there. But it means I’m practically paying twice for every meal. Give me some fresh inspiration and ingredients from a local market and a nice kitchen to whip up my own meals with my friends, and I’ll give you a true shared eating experience.

The hidden costs of upcharges.

Nothing chaps my chops more than having to pay for the normal stuff I need. Oh, you want Wifi? That’ll be 37 bucks a week. Laundry? You need eight dollars in shiny nickels for that. That unassuming rental car you’re paying $68.97 a day for? Cough up another $50 for the privilege to park it on our shady gravel lot. Nothing says you mean nothing to us more than the nickel and diming that hides behind additional amenities upcharges in hotels and resorts. Especially when all I need is a Wifi signal, a parking space and some clean pants.

Give me a home where my besties can roam.

When it comes to picking the right place, 100 times out of 100 I will pick a vacation rental wherever and wherever me and my besties roam. Forget the 24/7 SPRING BREAK mentality of all-inclusives. Forget the stale, cold, conforming culture of the hotel hell. Of course, there are plenty of options for plenty of people. But when you add it all up (and I have), you couldn’t ask for more than what you get with a vacation rental. And you can’t put a price on the pure freedom that comes with it.

And, since you’re probably going to ask anyway, I use It’s awesome. It’s easy. And doesn’t add any hidden booking fees, which, as we all know, always chaps my chops.

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