I'm Betty and I use Houfy

Just saved on "$128 service fees" and booked this super cool place directly from the owner through Houfy! Love it!!

I'm Betty and I use Houfy

So cool! I bought these new sunglasses today with the savings I made!

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Thank you so much T & S! I love Houfy, just the name is sooo strange.. How do you pronounce that? My grandkids say Yo and Yah.. couldn't you have just called it Ho?

3 years ago

Yo, Yo, Yo.. whatsup Betty?

Long time no see! Just wanted to say Hi. Thanks for turning me onto Houfy. Hope you're saving a lot on those service fees, my guests are. You can come stay with me any time. I'm loving Houfy! I couldn't figure out how to log into Facebook so sending a message this way. 

2 years ago
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