Sofa Bed Instructions

Last modified: 2 years ago

For additional guests, the sofa bed can be pulled out and turned into a twin bed.

1. Pull sofa away from wall, about 3 feet.

2. Behind the sofa, there are zippers on each cushion. Unzip the zipper and fold the leg out . You will need to do this for the left cushion back as well as the right side cushion.

3. Once the leg is out, fold the back sofa cushion inward until you hear a click. It will now be able to lay flat.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other cushion.

5. The bed should now be laying flat and is ready to make up for a guest!

6. Sheets and a mattress topper for the the sofa bed are in the ottoman. Extra comforters are above the washer/dryer.

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Last modified: 2 years ago
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