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Tiki House is more than a vacation rental. It is our vacation home! We purchased the home in 2015 because it is located in a quiet residential area right on the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. This beautiful area is full of beautiful homes, quiet beaches with the Emerald Coast's signature white sand. It is still close enough to walk, ride a bike on the trails, or take the free trolley during the summer to restaurants, bars, and shops. Or you could head east to the visit some of the most beautiful and preserved beaches that are part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. But we chose Tiki House specifically for its charm, character and amenities. It has the largest private pool on the beach (according to our pool pro) and the perfect views from its many decks. We want to make a stay at Tiki House as wonderful and memorable an experience for you as it is for us. Dedicated to making Tiki House THE vacation home of your dreams. We love Tiki House and know you will too!
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Trip Planning Guide

Whether planning to rent a vacation beach home in Pensacola Beach or elsewhere, this guide can help! Tiki House wants to help!

New to Vacation Home Rental?

If you and your group have never rented a Vacation Home before, here are some great articles on what to expect or how to choose the perfect house for your needs!

Festivals and Events

Tiki House Pensacola Beach is perfect for staging day trips, catching a festival or attending an event on the beach or in Pensacola or the surrounding area. There are so many things to do at the beach besides the Beach! But when you stay at our vacation rental, you get to come home to the beach,

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