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What you can expect to find ... What you need to bring ... What you might want to bring

Tiki House is stocked for everything you need for a great vacation... almost.

Indoor and Outdoor Recreation

Indoors -

We try to provide plenty of games and puzzles for those rainy days, quiet time or what the scouts call "Turtle Time." When someone just needs to go into their shell and hide from the sun and sand or maybe even the rest of the group, we have books, including childrens' and teens, DVDs, puzzles, and even games for 2 or more.

Tiki House Inventory

If you are looking for more active indoor pursuits, we have the game room with ping-pong, air hockey, pool, and even an arcade style basketball shooting area. We even have a giant "jenga" and more!

Tiki House Inventory


We have a variety of bikes. Since this is the beach and the salt air (and many, many guests) can be hard on bikes, we are always replacing bikes and changing them out. But we always have at least 12 bikes. Sometimes we have as many as 20! This includes small childrens' bikes and adult bikes, 16-26". But if you want more than a beach cruiser, or have specific preferences, bring your own or check out the on island rentals on our equipment rental guide below.

Tiki House Inventory

Paper Products and More

We provide a starting supply of paper towels (1-2 rolls), toilet paper (16-20 rolls), and various other paper products such as napkins, paper plates and more that we leave when we can and previous renters leave for the next group. We stock the kitchen with foil, parchment paper and plastic wrap but when it runs out, we ask renter to provide their own. Most end up leaving some and using some so that it generally stays stocked. It isn't something we ask our change-over team to replenish during change-overs so you may or may not have to purchase what you need. I would check the kitchen drawers to see what is left. We have found the everyone seems to have a preferred type, size, weight or brand so we leave it up to you to see if what is there is sufficient or not. Since many leave something for the next group, we just leave it too! If it isn't in the kitchen cupboards or drawers, it may be found in the pantry/laundry area.

Cooking, Spices, and Staples

The kitchen is stocked periodically by us with flour, sugar, salt, pepper, coffee, k-cups, oil, and other cooking supplies. We have a lot of different spices and our guests add to the collection weekly! We always seem to have plenty of the more common spices, garlic, cinnamon, basil, oregano, parsley and red pepper. But if there is something you might need that is special or unusual for a special recipe, bring it!

We also have all kinds of small appliances. Several slow cookers, toasters, blenders, waffle maker, griddle, and even a bread machine! We even have 3 coffee makers: a Keurig, and two drip coffee makers.

Tiki House Inventory

Beach and Pool

We have at least 20 beach chairs, and several umbrellas and augers for digging holes for guests to use at the beach. Again the salt and sand is very hard on outdoor equipment, so we are always changing them out and replacing them. If you need a special type of chair due to weight, mobility issues, or other concerns, you can always bring your own or visit our local WalMart and purchase what you need. Chairs for the beach can also be rented and the companies will deliver, set-up, and pick-up for you. But if you just want a place to park yourself and watch the waves, we have you covered!

Tiki House Inventory

There always seems to be plenty of beach toys, floats, and water toys! If you want to bring special flotation devices or swim trainers, we do not provide those. If you have non-swimmers, you may want to bring an appropriate life jacket, or personal swim alarm, like the Angel Alarm.

Tiki House Inventory
Angel Alert GT-ADA100-2B
Simple & Safe to Use Angel Alertâ„¢ protects your child around all water by sounding a high intensity 100db alarm when the bracelet comes in contact with moisture! Creates an invisible boundary for children for distances of 50-150 Ft. (in 10 Ft. increments). Alarm will sound when child wanders off/leaves Pre-set distances.

Linens and Things

Tiki House provides towels and linens for our guests. We have 20 bath, beach towels, washcloths, and hand towels. We provide 10 kitchen towels and dishcloths for your use as well as a sponge. And all sheets and blankets are provided. We also have a washer and dryer for your use and provide detergent and dryer sheets. Feel free to wash towels and linens as needed. We sanitize each time we wash, so if you or your children have special needs regarding detergents and rinses, you may want to bring your own detergent to use.

We also keep cleaning supplies on hand for guests to use during their stay. Dish soap, automatic dish detergent, surface cleaners, and more are provided. If the provided supply runs out, there are grocery stores and convenience stores located on and off the island.

Tiki House Pensacola Beach is the BEST rental you will find! We hope you visit soon!

Tiki House Inventory
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If you have questions, feel free to contact us for details. Go to our listing site for contact details and more guides and information about the house and amenities! Tiki House Pensacola is the BEST vacation on Pensacola Beach! And we hope you have the BEST vacation possible!

Tiki House Inventory
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