We love Pensacola Beach in all weather! Sometimes the best time to hit the beach is when the weather is less than conventionally ideal. Rain, fog, storms or just clouds can be beautiful. We get so many sunny, clear days that it is special when the we get perfect but foggy weather. The waves take on a different hue and the light is diffused enough to make pictures and filming easy.

Everyone says the best time to photograph on the beach is the "golden hour," when the light is diffused, soft and golden. The light is just right to allow subjects to avoid squinting in the bright sun and can often face directly into the light. You just can't get this during the day.

Using the Weather for Perfect Photos at the Beach
Magical Light - How To Shoot During Golden Hour
You know those photos that just have a magic quality to them? There is just something about them that makes you feel happy? Well, often that magical feel is because of the light. All you need to do is find the right stuff!

This hour before sunset and and hour after sunrise, isn't the only perfect time though. When the weather isn't cooperating, try taking a picture! Even the wind can add dramatic effect to a still image!

Using the Weather for Perfect Photos at the Beach
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And you aren't limited to still photography either. Videos can be especially dramatic when the weather is too! Capture a storm at the beach, as long as there is no lightning, for a special keepsake. Or just watch and share the video below.

Check out our video during an especially foggy morning. No sun, plenty of mist. And drama too!

Using the Weather for Perfect Photos at the Beach
Foggy Morning in Pensacola Beach and Tiki House
Even when the sun is hiding, the beach is still beautiful! Watch here

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Using the Weather for Perfect Photos at the Beach
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If you are waiting for the perfect weather to get the perfect picture, maybe you already missed it! Clouds, rain, storms and fog make for great photos!

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