Water Safety ~ Pay Attention

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1 to 4. There is no way to drown proof a pool, ocean, or child, contrary to what you may have heard. The strongest swimmers can drown when presented with unexpected circumstances. The best pool barriers and alarms can be out-witted or simply fail when up against a determined toddler. And the best flotation device can be removed or fail when needed most. The only way to prevent drownings is to intervene before it happens.

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Water Safety ~ Pay Attention
Tips to Prevent Child Drowning | Water Safety
I don't like starting these posts off with scary statistics, but when it comes to drowning, it's hard to start anywhere else. According to the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1 to 4, and is second only to motor vehicle accidents in children ages 5 to 19.

No children should be in the spa at any time. Read and follow the spa rules here:

4 Pillars of Water Safety: Supervision, Flotation, Barriers, and CPR

Supervision ~ Never Swim Alone

  • All children are at risk! Even teenagers, swimmers, adult swimmers, and impaired individuals.
  • Never leave small children unintended. An ADULT should always be watching. The more the eyes, the better. But ALWAYS designate a water watcher. And use a tag, lanyard or other badge as a reminder of who is on duty.
  • Always swim in the water WITH small children, not just watch them. A water watcher is the most effective preventative. Do not rely on posted life guards to safe guard your child. Be their own guard. Even if they know how to swim.
  • Share water safety rules with everyone. They should be modeled by adults too. Children are watching and will mimic what you do, not what you say!
  • Know the signs of drowning. You will probably never see, hear or know their distress until it is too late. If a child is still, has their head below water, or is otherwise not playing in the water as they normally would, immediately pull the child out of the water.
Water Safety ~ Pay Attention
Designate a Water Watcher - Supervision Could Save a Life (U.S. National Park Service)
A water watcher is a person that takes on the role of ensuring that all children and adolescents swimming or playing in, on, or around water are continually supervised, even if they know how to swim, to prevent unintentional drownings. In addition, children and adults should wear a U.S.

Water Safety ~ Pay Attention
Rip Currents and What Everyone Should Know Watch the video to educate yourself and your family about rip currents. Stay safe while visiting...
Rip Currents and What Everyone Should Know Watch the video to educate yourself and your family about rip currents. Stay safe while visiting...

Flotation ~ Swimmers and Non-Swimmers

  • Teach everyone how to swim, including yourself!
  • Have children and weak swimmers wear life jackets or other flotation devices.
  • Always inspect borrowed flotation devices and/or bring your own.
  • Ensure that life saving equipment, such as life rings, are available for use. Pool noodles are great for reaching and flotation.
  • NEVER rely on a flotation device to do the job of supervision.
  • Swimming in the ocean can be difficult for ALL swimmers. Know what to do in case of Rip Tides.

Water Safety ~ Pay Attention
Choosing the Right Water Flotation Device for Your Child This Summer | The Scientific Parent
As a professional lifeguard one of the most common questions I get from parents is, "what's a safe flotation device we can use at the beach or pool this summer?" There is a lot of confusion around this topic and most parents don't realize that the right or wrong flotation device can mean the difference between life ...

Barriers ~ Fences, Gates and Alarms

  • Most pools have fences and gates. But they don't work if you leave gates unlatched or open. Always CLOSE the gate and latch it.
  • Personal Alarms are great for non-swimmers of all ages. They can even be used for adults with memory issues or mental illness that may be at risk of wandering or getting lost. Check out one such affordable devise below. The Angel Alert.
  • Entry/Exit points from homes can be an issue. If you are renting a vacation home with a pool, find all the possible entrances to the pool area and make sure they are kept locked if small children are present.
  • Put door alarms (or make your own with bells) on outside exits and in the pool. Keep in mind pool and door alarms are not a substitute for supervision. And pool alarms are not effective in windy conditions, like the beach or very large pools.
  • Block exits with a temporary barrier, like a baby gate or other gate system. This can assist by hindering access to a pool when used on decks and other difficult to bar openings. They are best when used with a door alarm.

Temporary Door Alarms are great for use when visiting a home with a pool. They can be moved around and placed on the door of toddlers while napping or on outside exits when children are indoors. They are available from Home Improvement retailers and department stores. You can also order them from Amazon and have them sent directly to the house. See one in action below.

Water Safety ~ Pay Attention
S184S Alarm 020.AVI
Techko / Techko Maid S184S Door Guard - Vibration Sensor Alarm Here shows the application and demonstration to this very versitile alarm!

Water Safety ~ Pay Attention
Angel Alert GT-ADA100-2B
Simple & Safe to Use Angel Alert™ protects your child around all water by sounding a high intensity 100db alarm when the bracelet comes in contact with moisture! Creates an invisible boundary for children for distances of 50-150 Ft. (in 10 Ft. increments). Alarm will sound when child wanders off/leaves Pre-set distances.

CPR ~ Rescue and Lifesaving

  • Have a mobile phone within the area in order to contact emergency officials immediately should something go wrong. Check that you have cell service before going.
  • Learn CPR and rescue breathing techniques. Or make sure someone in your group is certified.
  • Have a plan in case of emergency to prevent wasting time and panic.

Prevention is always preferable to rescue. Know who can and can't swim. Know who is the designated water watcher at all times. And enforce all pool and spa rules at all times. There is no room for error when it comes to water safety.

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Water Safety ~ Pay Attention
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