Tiki House has 3 LP tanks in use at all times. Two of the tanks are attached to our huge event grill and one runs the gas stove in the kitchen. We generally provide enough propane to last every stay. But if the tank was near empty, we may leave an extra for you to replace if needed. Any extra tanks are located in the garage.

Changing Liquid Propane (LP) Tanks
How to Attach and Remove a Propane Tank | ThermoPro
Do you have any idea about how to attach a propane tank to your grill or do you know how to remove a propane tank from your grill? Don't worry, this ultimate guidance will clear all your doubts away with step-by-step instructions.

The tanks on the grill should be attached to the grill. The LP tank for the kitchen is located by the fence, on the east side of the house on the concrete LP safety pad. Follow these helpful directions if you have never changed a tank or are having difficulty.

Step 1

Turn off the gas by turning the metal knob on the propane tank all the way to the right until it is tight.

Step 2

Unscrew the black hose connected to the tank by firmly gripping the connector valve and turning it to the left until it is loosened.

Step 3

Set the old tank aside. Do NOT throw it away, but place in the garage to be refilled.

Step 4

Attach the new tank by screwing the gas hose onto the new tank. Match up the screw threads and turn it the right until it is tightly attached.

Step 5

Turn on gas and test the stove or grill. To turn the gas, turn the knob on the tank to the left. Turn on the gas on the grill and light the grill up to make sure that everything is connected properly.

For a demonstration, check out the DIY video below.

Changing Liquid Propane (LP) Tanks
How To SAFELY Change The Propane Tank On A Barbecue
In this video, I show you how to safely change the propane tank on a barbecue. It is a simple task; however, this video outlines the precautions that you should take when replacing your propane tank! Follow these instructions the next time that your barbecue's propane tank runs out, and you'll be able to swap it for a full one SAFELY!

If you run into any issues, please call us and we will do whatever we can to assist you.

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