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VRBO Calendar exporting into Houfy

These screenshots will help you sync your VRBO calendar with Houfy

Log into your dashboard/calendar at VRBO: Select Export Calendar

Select the ICS file and copy

Log into Houfy, My listings/Calendar/ and select IMPORT. Paste the selected link from VRBO, name the calendar (for example VRBO) and save.

Do not copy url's from the browser. These will not work.

07-04-2018 7:04 PM

I did this and my calendar is still not syncing. It did at one time, but not anymore. :(

07-08-2018 9:45 AM

Hi Rae-Marie, your calendar looks fine. It syncs every 6 hrs.

07-08-2018 3:09 AM

Will it import calendar from Availabilitycalendar.com? I get ICS error.

07-08-2018 9:46 AM

Hi Renee, would you mind e-mailing us the link you have? Then we'll double check for you. Thanks.

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