Hot tubs are wonderful amenities. We want our guests to enjoy the hot tub and be able to enjoy without interruption their entire stay. With weekly chemical balancing and cleaning, the hot tub should remain sanitary for you use. But abuse or misuse can result in an unusable or unsanitary mess! Make sure you know and follow the rules.

Hot Tub Rules
The hot tub is one of our guests' favorite features. With correct use, it will stay clean and sanitary as well.

No Children Allowed

A hot tub is not a kiddie pool. Use by children is prohibited. Use by pre-trained toddlers and infants, even with swim diapers, is not only dangerous for the child but will make the tub unusable very quickly.

Unlike a swimming pool the amount of water is quite limited and any contaminates can quickly overwhelm the chemical and filtration system. Once chemicals are depleted from any organic matter (urine, body oils, algae, food or drink) the hot tub, due to the higher temperatures of the water, will allow bacteria to grow and will become smelly and unusable.
Even just leaving the top off and allowing the chemicals to evaporate can, overtime, do the same thing.

Stay Safe

Do not use if intoxicated. The heat intensifies the effects of alcohol and can result in injury or death.

Beaware of the maximum occupancy. The larger the adults, the fewer persons it holds. Occupancy is measured in volume and the number given is only a guide, so use common sense. If there isn't a seat for you, the tub is full.

No children without adult supervision, and keep the cover latched when not in use. And never put babies in the hot tub!

Do not set temperature above 104 degrees. A good temperature for the first time user on a cold day is 100 degrees. Increase the temperature as needed. Always turn it down to to 95 after leaving, if planning to return. Or turn it down to 80 if you are finished for the day or night. Running the tub at a high temperature will deplete the chemicals even if no one is using it.

Do not use the tub if the jets are not circulating or while turned off. The circulation runs the filter and allows the tub to clean while in use. And never enter the hot tub if it has a foul odor or the water is a strange color.

Don’t Damage the Hot Tub

Shower before entering. This is not just to remove algae from you and your bathing suit, but to remove oils and soaps from them as well. Fabric softeners, hair conditioners and products, lotions and oils will clog the filter and keep the tub from adequately cleaning itself. A special visit from the pool pro will be required at the least. Often if the damage from oils, bath soaps, and suntan lotions is extensive, the tub will have to be drained and refilled before you will be able to use it again. This process takes 24-48 hours.

No foreign objects, toys, jewelry, food or bath products. A simple earring or hair tie, if lost could damage the pump and circulation system. Food and other organic material depletes the chemicals needed for bacteria prevention. Bath products, especially lotions, oils and soaps, are not broken down by chemicals. The tub does have an ozonator to eliminate soaps and oils, but the process can be overwhelmed with 7 people's lotions, a bath bomb, or soap from skin and suits. If the tub has bubbles that do not disappear after being turned off you should allow the tub to run on a low setting for a few hours. If a foul odor or sticky bubbles occur or continue, we will have to have the pool pro take a look at it. If it is found that bath products, suntan lotions or other misuse was the cause, you may be charged for the service.

No glass ever. We provide acrylic drink ware for the home to help keep the hot tub, pool and our guests safe. If glass breaks in the hot tub, it is nearly invisible and very difficult to clean out.

Be careful with the cover. Unlatch and lift off cover carefully to avoid damage to the cover. Never sit or stand on the cover or sides of the tub. Watch the video below for a quick how-to use the cover.

Do not use if you have a medical condition or are ill. Always check with your doctor if you are pregnant, under a doctor's care for any condition. And don't use if you have any open sores, wounds or cuts. The harsh chemicals can cause damage, you could allow bacteria to enter your wound, or if contagious you could sicken others in close proximity to you. Chemicals take time to kill pathogens, and the crowded nature of a hot tub doesn't allow you the time necessary.

Hot tubs are not toys. Please always follow the rules and make sure your entire group know and adheres to the rules as well. Failure to comply with these rules could make the hot tub unusable during your stay. If re-sanitization or repair of hot tub is required due to renter misuse, renter will be charged for the extra pool pro visit, and repairs.

A hot tub is a must have amenity during cooler weather. If you are looking for a vacation rental, you can search using the filters and amenities that are most important to you at Houfy. Go ahead! It is time to Houfy!

Hot Tub Rules
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