Best practices for writing a post on Houfy

Houfy is a market network for property owners, agents and managers. All members can publish posts on Houfy and, as long as it’s not in violation of our rules, have the potential to find an audience and indirectly your listing(s).

We care about quality. We want you to put your best work on Houfy, and in the future we will feature posts we think are great. To help you understand what we mean when we say “quality,” we’ve written up these guidelines. They are based on what we believe might work best for readers — which means they should work well for you, too.

Best practices for writing a post on Houfy

1) Plan: Always keep in mind you can "bookmark" your posts to a collection (For example: Plan to make a Guidebook: Activities near your home)

2) Do: Start writing a story: for example about your favorite Golf-courses, contact info, green fees and other relevant information.

  • Write a clear headline. Readers have a split second to decide if they want to read your story. Just like pictures on your listing. It is the number 1 selling point. Put a good, descriptive title and subtitle on your story.
  • Your story should contain original insight, ideas or perspectives. What would your clients want to hear?
  • Put a nice image on your story — just make sure you’re not violating someone else’s copyright.

3) Check: Look out for typos and formatting. Put care into your work. (We will monitor/edit and make sure the editing mode looks close to similar as to the published story)

4) Act: Publish your story, bookmark your story in a guidebook (or create a new one) and optionally add the guidebook to your listing.

5) Share your story by e-mail or on social sites.

Next: What other Activities near your home are available for your guests/clients? Maybe your guests would want to know more about Horse-riding / Sailing / Snorkeling etc. Here again you can write stories and collect/save/bookmark these to the Guidebook Activities.

You can repeat above for restaurants, events, attractions, frequently asked questions etc.

In short, do your best work. People like to read things that are just good.

Thanks T.

Edited Sept 30, 2019

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