FAQ and troubleshooting for post and collection

Updated March 8th, 2021

FAQ and troubleshooting for post and collection

Q: How long should my post be?

There is no exact length and will vary depending on the topic. Keep in mind even very engaged readers will reach the fidgety "abandon article point" around the 7 minute mark.

TIP: See if it makes sense to break up a long post into several smaller posts. Then hyperlink them all to each other.

Q: Is there a way to save another member's collection to my listing?

No. Only posts of other members can be saved to your collections.

Q: Help! I created a collection and I don't see it on my listing. What am I missing?

  1. First make sure the collection is set to public (not private). All public collecitons show under your profile homepage.
  2. Attach the collection to the properties where you want it to appear: Manage Listings > Collections.
  3. Confirm at least one post is saved to it.

Q: Help! I saved my post to my collection, but when I click on the collection, the post isn't there. 

  1. You might have saved your post in draft mode and never published it. Your post is in the collection, and will appear once published. Go to your posts and see if it's under your Drafts folder. If it is, click the posts's edit button (3 dots on top right) to bring up the Publish tab.

    Click Publish button. Once you click Publish now, it will appear in your collection (since you already saved it).
  2. Check to see if your post has a title. Posts without titles will not appear in collections.
  3. Check to see if the post is set to private. Private posts need to be sent directly to the recipient. Only public posts can be viewed in collections.

Q: Help! I just wrote a new post and am trying to add it to my existing restaurant collection. I can't figure out why there is no way to add it.

Are you trying to add a post from the collection's edit button? If so, you're just not in the right place. Use the post's save icon instead. You should be able to add it to your collection now.

FAQ and troubleshooting for post and collection
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