How does import story work at Houfy?

We have made importing a story on Houfy extremely easy.

How does import story work at Houfy?

Houfy is a social platform, a publishing platform and a market place. We call this combination a "market network"

The idea of Houfy is to share local information around your property. You can do this in the form of "guides". Guides are collections of stories and posts and can easily be added to your listing(s).

For example: Restaurant guide - includes:

  • stories or one story about: best breakfast places near your property
  • another story about: Top ten lunch places
  • and another about: Best dining nearby

I have no time to do this! OK. Do not worry, you do not need to make guides and stories.

Do your guests ever ask you how to check in or where they can buy groceries nearby? You most probably have a standard e-mail ready to respond to the most frequent questions. At Houfy you can answer these questions in the form of stories and guides. This would/could make the user/guest experience a tiny bit more pleasant; and this is our idea.

Many of you have your own website, you do not need to do anything, just forward the guest to your site and let them figure it out there.. Correct, however: at Houfy we are creating a "standard" template for all stories and guides, no different colors/font sizes etc. Just like you listed your property on Houfy on our advertising platform, like this you can list your information on Houfy as well. This information will be filtered in the near future for guests to easily review. Just like guests filter at our advertising platform search where they want to stay.

I'm sure we will see many errors with the import story as we are just "launching" this. Please inform us in our facebook group and we will try to fix or in some cases it will not be possible. Why? Simply because there are 1000s of different templates of websites with different coding.

Step 1: Log in > Menu > Stories > Import Story >

Step 2: Go to your site and copy a url of one of your website pages

Step 3: Paste at "Import Story" - depending on the amount of pictures the timing can differ from a few seconds to 15+ seconds. We are currently working on adding video's, so if you have video links in a page, these will not show just jet

Once the story is imported, you can edit, change, add links, embed and much more. Once OK, click "post" top right.

How does import story work at Houfy?

Your story will now appear on our Houfy homepage "logged in". We will be filtering out this information in the future.

Click on the story and view it. You might need more spacing between pictures and text. Click on the little menu icon and edit the story. Post again.

Once all OK, you can "bookmark" the story to a guide. (In this case, I am writing a story about How to Import and I will bookmark this to Help Guide Social) - (Just like you are making stories about restaurants, attractions, check in instructions etc., I am making stories how Houfy works.)

I will be editing this story as we go the next few months, I am sure there will be quite a few changes.

Also: We will be adding or giving you the option to add your listing to the bottom of a story..

Thanks T & S

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