Children and Hot Tubs

Tiki House is a family friendly vacation home. But that doesn't mean everything at Tiki House is for kids. Hot tubs are not toys. They are not for children's use. It would be devastating for a guest at Tiki House, while on vacation in Pensacola Beach, to have a child hurt. Please heed all warning and know that you can never take a vacation from being responsible for your children. Have a great, but safe time!

1. Watch children of all ages at all times around a hot tub

2. Keep the hot tub closed and the cover latched when not in use

3. Never allow children under 5 to enter a hot tub.

4. Limit the time and temperature for children (95 degrees max for 20 minutes max)

5. Never allow swimming, submerging, or drinking of hot tub water. Heads should remain above water at all times. Filtration entanglement and sickness are possible.

6. No child, no matter the age, who can not stand with head and shoulders above the water while the tub is running should enter. Approximately 4 ft tall.

7. Never use “baby block” or other sunscreen in the hot tub. It will clog the filtration system and require extra service.

8. Never use bubble bath, bath bombs, oils, lotions or any soaps in the hot tub. It is not a bath tub and the bath products will unbalance the chemicals and clog the filter, rendering it unusable and unsafe.

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