Step by Step Checklist to Add Your Houfy Listing

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FAQ About Houfy

Think Different
There are many new members in our Facebook group who might have questions about Houfy. Below we hope to clarify some of them. Houfy doesn't earn any money. Houfy will earn money in the future by selling advertising, services and licenses.

Before getting started, send a TEST INQUIRY to this listing as a traveler. Note: this listing has connected Square or Stripe and is online bookable. Skip the part asking for credit card info. Listings without Square or Stripe connected will not have a credit card payment field.

A Touch of Luxury Cabin - Mill Spring
Jan 27, 2021 - 20826 Views. Great Location Near Lake Lure - Less than 16 miles from Tryon International Equestrian Center A Touch of Luxury Cabin is a 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms vacation rental in Mill Spring, North Carolina, United States.

1) Import or manually add listing to Houfy

Adding your listing is extremely simple! You can do this by using our import tool if you have a VRBO/Airbnb listing OR just manually add your listing. After clicking the link above, be sure to scroll down to use the import tool. The import tool adds your listing to our network in less than 10 seconds. This will import you entire listing except for the Calendar and Rates.

How do I find my Airbnb url?

How do I find my Vrbo url?

2) How do Rental Agreements work on Houfy?

Hosts can add a rental agreement or choose not to use one at all. Travelers will "click to agree" to your policies before booking or sending an inquiry. Hosts can require guests to return a signed agreement along with ID if they wish.

  1. Here are some sample Rental Agreements hosts are welcome to use.
  2. Reasons why it's a good idea for guests to sign a rental agreement.
  3. Reasons why it's a good idea to verify ID of the credit card holder.
  4. Here is where travelers view your rental agreement during the booking process.

  1. Does Houfy collect, file, and remit my lodging tax?
  2. How do I connect Square or Stripe to Houfy?
  3. FAQ: How do payments work with Houfy?
  4. How does a traveler reserve my property and make payment?

Checklist to complete your Houfy listing:

Set base rate and seasonal rates. A base rate price is required to activate your listing.

Sync your calendar with the other sites. Moving forward Houfy automatically syncs the calendars every 3 HRS.

Check your reviews. Were they automatically imported from VRBO or Airbnb when importing your listing? If manually adding listing, here is how to import reviews from either site. You will need to periodically pull in new reviews. Here is how to add reviews outside of VRBO or Airbnb. Note: If VRBO listing was imported, use link above to add your Airbnb reviews, and vice versa.

Set up Payments: Houfy has Stripe and Square options integrated.  Sign up with those or set up your own method of accepting payment directly with guests. Be sure to update the credit cards you accept on your listing and don't forget to connect Square/Stripe to your Houfy listing.

Set up a damage deposit if applicable. If you collect as funds before guest stay then set as a fee. If you collect in person or only authorize the credit card then go to: Manage Listings>Edit>Pricing>Additional Pricing Options.

Verify your listing is complete by adding any verifications that may apply. Verify your own profile as well.

If you would like your email and phone number displayed to travelers, be sure to unhide them.

**** Be sure to do test inquiries in order to become familiar with the platform. You may need to have a family member or friend test with another email address and go through the entire booking process, as owners cannot book their own properties.***

Test Booking on Houfy
I would like to do a test booking on Houfy to see what it looks like for a guest and for the owner.

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Our Facebook Member Group is currently the quickest way to receive customer service/tech support. Also receive the latest insights and updates. Houfy uses powerful programs which can easily be changed to any of your wishes/suggestions.

Houfy help center

Houfy help center
Get help booking directly and more

****Join our Houfy Vacation rentals Group to advertise your availability to travelers or post ISO (in search of) requests.

Get started marketing your Houfy listing with these easy tips

Easy Tips for Marketing Your Houfy Listing
Once you've completed your rates and synchronized calendars, it's time to get started on promoting Houfy! This is a simple step-by-step guide in basic marketing of your Houfy listing.

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