Easy Tips for Marketing Your Houfy Listing

Jul 15, 2019 . 2 min read

Once you've completed your rates and syncronized calendars, it's time to get started on promoting Houfy!  This is a simple step-by-step guide in basic marketing of your Houfy listing.

First Things First: Before marketing, be sure you are actually ready to accept a booking.  

  1. Create a Rental Agreement and upload it to your Houfy listing.
  2. If you accept credit cards on other listing sites, then you should on Houfy as well.  Square and Stripe are already integrated with Houfy.  Go ahead and sign up for both at the same time, then connect one of them to your listing, and update your payment methods.

    You can take your time learning more about each, and easily connect/disconnect from Houfy as often as you'd like.  I have both, and no longer use PayPal for invoicing. Guests book me directly on Houfy. 

Market on Facebook: Promote your Houfy listing instead of OTA (online travel agency) listings.

  1. Connect your Houfy site to the Book Now or Learn More button on your facebook's business page, and replace all OTA references with your Houfy link
  2. Upload your facebook business page to the verifications section of your Houfy listing.  
  3. Promote your Houfy listing in various yard sale, travel groups, and book direct groups.  Be sure not to spam and always abide by the group rules.

Use Google's Free Tools

  1. If you have a Google business listing, add your Houfy listing as your website.  
  2. Set up your Houfy connected Google Analytics and begin to track your site visitors.

*** Later, you can learn how to maximize Google My Business posts. ***

Add your Houfy listing to other sites

  • Find local attraction and tourism sites that list accommodations for free.  Some will require a reciprocal link agreement; you need to link back to them.  To fulfill this requirement, write a Story about the attraction, and attach it to a guide.
  • You can write more local guides later.  For now, try to find at least 3 sites that will allow you to link.  This will benefit both you and Houfy in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) inbound links. 

Introduce Your Guests to Houfy

  1. Create an arrival guide for your guests.  You're going to send this to ALL of your new guests, no matter the platform they used to book your property.  
  2. The arrival guide is going to introduce new members to the Houfy platform.  Plus a digital format just looks more visually appealing.  
  3. Later when you have more local guides, you will invite your guests to join Houfy to read them. 

Don't forget to thank your guests for staying at your property.  And remind them the next time they travel, to use Houfy and book direct

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