Best way to post my Houfy listing URLs

Apr 19, 2019 . 1 min read

Depending on the number/type of Houfy properties you have, you may use several different listing URLs.  Don't waste time copying/pasting the long version of your URL for a single property!  Just memorize your listing number, and type it in after  Here's how to quickly find your listing number:

Log into your dashboard. Click on profile pic in upper right corner. Then click My Listings.

In the pic below, you'll see your listing number to the left.  Mine is 1781.  Or if you really want to copy/paste the long version URL, you can click on your listing image to the right.

This is your long version listing URL.

Facebook displays this when I type in

For multiple rentals, you will use a different URL. Click on profile pic in upper right corner. Then click Profile.

Click View Profile.

Now click on any one of your rental listings. It doesn't matter which one.

After clicking on one of your listings, scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see your Other Listings.  Click View all

Copy the URL.  This view shows travelers the listing map locations, and brief info about your rentals.

This is how the URL appears on Facebook.  

For those of you with both rental and For Sale listings, a different URL will display all of them together.  Go back to View Profile and Click Listings .  Copy the URL.

This is how the URL appears on Facebook.

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