How to Email a Special Rate Offer

Jun 20, 2019 . 1 min read

Sometimes you'd like to offer a last minute discount on specific dates, or a special rate for a repeat guest.  You can easily do this by sending the person a special offer.  If you prefer to offer a discount percentage instead, you are able to do that too. 

Log into your dashboard. Click on profile pic in upper right corner. Then click My Listings.

Click Calendar.

Click on the first date of your date range.  This will open the Edit Rates window.  

  1. Select dates:  Hold down cursor and drag to highlight date range OR complete the Selected dates field in left window.
  2. Select Available.
  3. Click Price tab.
  4. Enter Price per night.
  5. Enter Minimum night stay.
  6. Click Save.

To send the Special Offer Discount as an email, first click Preview listing.

Enter dates and number of guests. Either copy/paste the URL at the top of the screen, OR use the email icon to send a message directly from Houfy.

Clicking the email icon opens the Share Listing window. (Note: you cannot send a test email to the same email as your Houfy login.) Enter the email address and type a message. Click Send Email. You will see a message that says Listing share email has been sent.

The recipient will receive this email and click the View Listing button.

The dates are pre-selected and the guest can complete the booking.

Note: The Facebook and Houfy share buttons will later include the pre-selected dates. At this time if you would like your quote to include the dates, then use the email feature or copy/paste the URL.

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