Hi, I am Petra, a world citizen originally from Belgium, and I look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Lisbon coast!
After living 15 years in Rio de Janeiro where I was running a holiday rental business, I moved back to the old continent and settled in Portugal with my family, a truly amazing country!

The apartments I manage are designed with your comfort and well being in mind, after all I am a traveler myself and have a good feeling of what makes an accommodation stand out. My goal is to treat my guests the same way I would like to be treated when I am traveling, offering them the same standard as what I would expect when I go on holiday: a comfortable, clean, secure and quiet place with character, together with some personal tips to make the most out of my stay. I like to connect, meet new people and discover hidden gems in the places I visit, go where the locals go instead of following the tourist flows, and I want to share my insider tips with you when you visit Portugal!