We look forward to meeting you and sharing our farm life.

Blue Spur Farmstay House Manual
You are welcome to visit the animals.

WIFI: Our wifi password is written in the information folder in your room.

BREAKFAST: We provide you with a light breakfast of homemade items and fresh fruit, in your room. There is an electric kettle for making hot drinks and a small fridge in your room with homemade yogurt and some milk. If the weather permits, you are welcome to sit outside at the garden table to eat.

Blue Spur Farmstay House Manual
Tea and coffee as well as home baking and muesli is included.

GUEST ACCESS: Guests have access to the room they have reserved, the bathrooms and they may use the upstairs lounge area also. Guests may use the garden area and walk the farm. All gates must be closed securely upon entering and exiting. Please respect us and our home by not entering any rooms marked "Private"or opening any doors that are closed. Do not enter any areas on the the farm marked "No entry". This is for your safety. We are not able to offer the use of our kitchen. We appreciate your cooperation.

BATHROOM: The bathroom is just a few steps down the hall from your room. There is a shower and clawfoot bath in the bathroom. The toilet is separate. On rare occasions the bathroom may be shared with other guests staying in the second guest room. This is usually only in our very busy peak season and in over 5 years of hosting we have never had any problems with guests sharing. On the rare occasion that it is shared there are a few simple guidelines that help things work smoothly.

  • Keep the bathroom tidy for the next user
  • Try to limit your shower time
  • Hang your used towels to dry in your room

Blue Spur Farmstay House Manual
Your bathroom.

Add in a S'mores Campfire Experience:

Book the campsite for your group for the evening (weather dependant). Order a family sized s'mores platter to take to the campsite, build your fire, prepare your sticks for the marshmallows. Sit by the fire and create your own delicious campfire treats under the stars.

Blue Spur Farmstay House Manual

INSURANCE: Guests must provide their own travel insurance. If you are unable to stay due to flight/road problems etc, we can not act as your insurer. Please make sure you have travel insurance just in case.


  • We are trying to cut down on our use of plastic. We encourage you to refill your water bottles here so you don't need to buy more.
  • We line our bins with paper, use eco-friendly toilet paper and toiletries + cleaning products from Ecostore.
  • All our food waste is either fed to our animals or composted.
  • We recycle all plastic, aluminium, tin cans, glass, paper and cardboard products.

WORRIED ABOUT YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT? For every booking made with us, $10 goes towards a native NZ tree that we plant here on the property for you, to help reestablish the area of forest that was destroyed by a cyclone in 2018. That tree will offset some of your carbon footprint created by travelling here.

Blue Spur Farmstay House Manual

Blue Spur Farmstay House Manual
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