Remote is in the bowl on the coffee table. Be sure everyone reads through this before turning on the tv.

1. Always aim the remote to the sendor to the left of the bookshelf when doing any function at all, including turning tv on and off. Do not stand very close to sensor. Just stand near the coffee table and it will work fine.

2. In the remote window display you will see the transmitting signal happening. Always keep remote pointed until the signal in window display finishes...prob. 5 seconds at most. In essence, until you have picture and sound on tv.

3. To turn TV on press "Watch tv" button.

Operating Living Room TV Remote

Important: If you don't keep the remote aimed while the transmitting signal picture still displays, TV will not turn on/off correctly next time.


1. If any trouble, the first thing to point remote and turn TV off and turn back on. Pay attention to the transmitting signal displayed in the remote window. If that doesn't work, proceed to step two.

2. Press the Help button on the remote. You will see questions in the display window. You likely will not know the answer to some of the questions, usually works fine if you answer "yes" to "Is the A/V receiver on?," etc. And then it will ask "did that fix the problem?" and click yes or no.

Then it will move to the next help question if the problem was not resolved.

If any issues, just text me and Carl can give you a call to troubleshoot over the phone, or he can stop by .

Turning off tv

Press the Off button. Keep the remote pointed in between the sensors until the transmitting signals stops in the remote window.

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