Bella the Beauty

If you come to the Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway, you will meet a resident princess who watches over her domain with pride. You will also hear her defending it from occasional walkers by, rare motorcycles and numerous coyotes. Sometimes the Neighborhood Canine Brethren Chorus can be quite vocal.

Bella is the 1 in a million Really Red Doberman, with natural tail and ears. We say she's the result of a purebred queenlike Mommy and a scoundrel Daddy. This is a dog, that while riding around in the car, other drivers roll down their windows to say "what a pretty dog". She is a little large for a female dobie at a svelte and sleek 75 lbs, but looks and acts just like a Doberman Pinscher. She might be part Rhodesian, Lab, or Greyhound, it's anyone's guess, as she is a rescue. Her capacity to love, intelligence and loyalty are of the highest in dogdom. Her vocabulary is very good, she knows the names of all her toys and the difference between coyote, bunny, squirrel and mouse. She has been trained in rattlesnake aversion for her safety, and has not approached it but called out with a special bark when she saw one near the house.

When you pass down the short trail from the Tiny Tiki Trailer Zone, aka Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway, Bella will let us know you are at our gate, showing great enthusiasm and rambunctiousness. She might plant a surprise smooch upon your cheek without touching you with her paws. It is just her lips and a little tongue. Of course, if you like we will keep her out of your way completely.

She reigns over 1/2 acre with our house inside of her fence. She chases away red tailed hawks, but cares not about the crows or doves, unless she is bored and they are on the birdbath. Where she digs a nice hole, we plant something.

Inside, we give her the run of the house and sleep with her.

We should be so lucky as to have the life of Bella. Every day she is taken on a spectacular trail hike up among the sandstone boulders, where she is off leash, showing her beauty, agility and love of life. Her diet consists of expensive salmon and sweet potato kibble, served with boiled chicken and warm broth, and a raw beef back bone as appetizer. Her coat is gorgeous, shiny, soft as satin and miraculously never dirty. Due to her diet, her teeth are perfect and likely will never need cleaning.

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