We all realize that the sharing economy is great. How many among us has never benefitted from a craigslisting deal or an airbnb vacation?

Imagine you or your guests booking another day or two with their savings of all the airbnb fees. The site has your number, your email address right there on it in plain sight. Just like in the old days when you called up a B and B and asked for a reservation!!!

Besides that, it's a really awesomely designed site that you can easily import / link your other listings photos and all into. And the founders are so cool, they want to share future ownership with early subscribers! What are you waiting for?? Air to give you 1 mil???

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New website to check out
Say Yes to Houfy
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New website to check out
Camper/RV in Los Angeles. With a combination of spectacular view and luxury camping, the "Tiny Tiki Trailer Zone" is a unique glamping experience. Relax and retreat on a sandstone mesa, high above the city ...

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