Airstream! Airstreams! Airstrream!!!

Julia Borgstrom
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📷Why does everybody yell for Airstreams?? Is it because the silver hot dog shape and vibe is just so iconic? Is it because you can get old or new, short or long, any day of the week? Personally, I just don't get it. When I started out looking for our vintage trailer, my wishes evolved into 2 rules: All wood interior and private sleeping cabin for 2 in the back. Those choices effectively exxed out Airstreams because they have very little if any nice wood inside, and often put the bathroom in the best part, at the stern, so the (2 single) beds are in the center, with an aisle going to the back. Now, I don't know about you, but that layout seems rather wasteful of space, and you can't get a double bed in there very well, if at all. And the interiors, even "done up" are often very cold looking.

Among serious vintage trailer afficionadoes, Spartans really are the cats meow, the holy grail of riveted aluminum tiny homes on wheels. Spartan Aircraft Company was renowned for building the most luxuriously opulent trailer of its time. Distinctive rounded corner windows and curved birch interiors are so forward and ahead of their time. No expense was spared in their construction. They were the "Cadillac" of trailers! Built only from 1947 to 1961, now they are particularly rare, and the smallest ones even more so.

I like to say: Did you always want to sleep in an Airstream? They are the Mercedes' of the vintage trailer world. Spartans, however, are like an old Bentleys and are more collectible due to unrivalled mid-century design, monocoque aircraft construction and beautiful real wood paneling and cabinetry throughout. Our trailers, a 1954 24' Spartan Manor, ( the smallest made that year) and 15' 1963 Office trailer, are restored and are kept true to their original beauty and function.

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Last modified: 4 years ago
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