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Outdoor dining in Fort Myers Beach, Florida is everywhere! La Ola Surfside Restaurant is the first eatery you'll run into entering Times Square from Estero Blvd.

This restaurant caters to those who like Mexican, seafood and American dishes. They're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Although I wasn't impressed that processed chicken was added to my House Dinner Salad, the shredded chicken nachos were wonderful. I'm glad we listened to our server when she recommended getting the half-order. It was huge! This photo doesn't show well the immensity of this starter dish.

La Ola Surfside Restaurant
Half order Chicken Nachos

As with many restaurants in Times Square, you'll be treated to live entertainment in the afternoons and evenings. And when there's no formal entertainment. Just watch the passers-by in the pedestrian-friendly area. We got to see Parrot Man go by while enjoying our meal at La Ola Surfside Restaurant.

La Ola Surfside Restaurant
Parrot Man in Times Square, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

La Ola Surfside Restaurant is located at 1035 Estero Blvd #3, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931. You can reach them by phone at (239) 765-2222

See La Ola Surfside Restaurant on Google Maps.

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