The pool at Tiki House is one of the reasons we are the most popular rental on the beach for large groups. We want to make sure you get the most out of the pool during your stay! With a little consideration, you can help keep it in tip-tip condition for your entire stay.

Play Safe. Stay Safe.

~Swim with at least one strong swimmer present

~Never swim alone

~Supervise children at all times - NEVER leave non-swimmers or children of ANY age unattended near the pool. We provide gates for guests' use to block off balconies and doorways for additional security. But there is no substitute for adult supervision!

Tiki House Pool - Rules, Info, and Fun
Water Safety ~ Pay Attention
Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1 to 4. There is no way to drown proof a pool, ocean, or child, contrary to what you may have heard. The strongest swimmers can drown when presented with unexpected...

Read about water safety for parents and those traveling with children above.

It's Easier to Keep Clean Than to Re-Clean!

We have pool maintenance during high season 2 times a week. Usually maintenance and cleaning are on Tuesdays and Saturdays. During that time our pool pro will add/balance chemicals, vacuum and skim the pool and hot tub, and evaluate for any problems or potential problems. If you have a question about the pool or the maintenance, please don't corner our pro while she is trying to work.
If you text, email or call, I can pass the information or concern to her BEFORE she arrives. This also allows her to bring any necessary chemicals or arrange for service and saves missed pool time.

To help keep the pool in top form, remember to follow the posted pool rules.

~ Swim diapers on all pre-trained children. And NEVER defecate or urinate in the pool.

~Shower and rinse all toys and suits before entering. Algae from the Gulf is a huge issue for pools at the beach. Algae is present in the sea water and beach sand. Cross-contamination can occur if someone rinses off in the pool before showering, Toys, shoes, bathing suits, and unwashed hair can bring algae from the beach/Gulf to the pool.

~Wash off toys and suits before entering. An outdoor shower is provided.

Danger to You and the Pool

Our pool is a vinyl lined pool. Please do not use anything in the pool that could puncture or tear the liner. Sharp objects, such as shells, broken glass, tools, knives, etc will damage the liner and can result in loss of water and need to repair.

~Never use glass by the pool. If it breaks, it can end up in the pool and damage the liner as well as be a hazard to bare feet. All our drink wear is acrylic or plastic for this reason. We suggest you only purchase canned drinks as well.

~Never put shells in the pool. They are sharp and also can contaminate the water with algae requiring additional chemicals.

~No water craft allowed. Save any paddle boards, kayaks, and surf boards for the Gulf. It is not only dangerous, due to limed space and the chance of falling against the edges, but they can damage the liner as well.

~No ocean critters. The chemicals will cause most ocean life to die.

Failure to comply with these rules could make the pool unusable during your stay. If re-chlorination or extra chemicals or repair of the pool is required due to renter misuse, you will be charged for the extra pool pro visit, repairs, and may make the pool temporarily unusable during your visit.

Heated for Your Comfort

If you booked the pool for a week or more, we provide pool heat during the spring and fall months. The heater will not heat the pool like a hot tub, but it will take the chill off during the night and morning hours. If you want pool heat but didn't request it, give us a call. We can arrange for you to get it.

Tiki House Pool - Rules, Info, and Fun
Tiki House's Heated Pool
The largest private, heated pool on the island. But there is some things to know to make sure you can use it safely and get the most out of...

Check out our information about the heated pool above.

Tiki House Pensacola Beach is a favorite beach home rental because of our location and amenities. Our pool is one of the amenities that make Tiki House the BEST vacation rental for families!

Tiki House Pool - Rules, Info, and Fun
Tiki House Pensacola Beach - Pensacola Beach
Vacation Home in Pensacola Beach. With over 3000 sq ft of room with a HUGE 1600 sq. ft. recreation room to spread out, Tiki House has it all! Steps from the beach! Beach and Gulf views from nearly every room and ...

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