Helpful Hints for Parents at the Beach

1. Sunscreen First - Put on sunscreen BEFORE heading out.
Try keeping it on the porch (out of the sun) to keep it warm and avoid the squeals and discomfort of cold sunscreen.

2. Be Prepared - Use the Tiki House wagon to start collecting all your "stuff." Don't go until you have everything together.
It will save you the risk of leaving unattended kids or over burdened adults on the beach while you make another trip back for the forgotten item.

3. Shelter - Tiki House has beach umbrellas for you use. Keep your kids in the shade as much as possilble!

4. Water - To drink! Keep them hydrated to avoid heat related injury.

5. Bring the corn starch. It works great to get sand off little hands (and all body parts)! Really! Try it!

6. Never leave a child of any age unattended on the beach or in the water. NEVER!

7. Beach Towels - Tiki House is a rare vacation rental that provides 20+ beach towels for our guests. Use them! Making an oasis from the sand for kids is important.

8. Shoes - Even though Pensacola Beach is know for its soft, powdery sand, the sand is still hot on little feet. And the sidewalk, wooden walk-over and entrance can harbor sand spurs, sharp objects or splinters. Keep their feet safe in beach shoes.

9. Flotation devices - If your child is a non-swimmer or not familiar with surf conditions, bring a life jacket.

10. Compartmentalize - Use little zip lock baggies to put individual items like phones, snacks, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, anything! This keeps sand from getting into everything, just because you needed one thing.

For more hints, check out the great article below:

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Great tips for the beach... Once I started "greasing" up my kids on the porch, I never went back. No more rubbing sand into their skin!

6 years ago

And it seems NOTHING gets off the fine Gulf sand! But the cornstarch trick really works. I tried it before sharing it!

6 years ago
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