Alcohol on the Beach - The Law

You want to take your margaritas to the beach from Tiki House? It is fine to take alcoholic beverages to the beach as long as you follow the Pensacola Beach rules. The Escambia County Sheriff's Deputies regularly patrol the beach to enforce the laws. Failure to comply can result in fines or jail time.

1. No one can sell alcohol without a permit.

2. You must be 21 to consume alcohol.

3. No alcohol is permitted WEST of the pier (our beach is o.k.)

4. NO alcohol can be consumed in any parking lot on Santa Rosa Island.

5. There is absolutely NO GLASS allowed on any of the beaches.

6. Alcohol may be consumed on sandy portions of the beaches only.

7. Always drink responsibly. Public intoxication is a crime.

Any person who fails to comply with these policies will face second-degree misdemeanor charges and if convicted can receive a $500 fine and or 60 days jail time.

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