Is there a way to add a video to my Houfy listing?

3 years ago
1 min read

There are 2 ways to do this:

1) Log in > Menu > My Listings > Edit listing > Verifications: add your video url & select youtube/video link or other

or: and VERY practical:

2) Create a "Houfy guidebook": Guidebooks provide a helpful way to group related posts and or stories together (in this case videos), and to quickly inform readers what the posts & stories are about. Guidebooks make it easier for people to find content in a grouped form.

  • Log in > Menu > Guidebooks > Create a guidebook

Name the guidebook, add a description, picture, location etc. You can always edit/remove the guidebook

  • Create a post and add the url of the video you wish to share. (A post is a simple post; you can add text/pictures & 1 url)
  • Or much better: Write a Story and add as many urls as you wish. (A story is much more than a simple post; you can embed multiple url's as well as add highlights and change formats) - This page you are reading right now is made with Write a Story - in this case about How to add a video to my listing(s)
  • Post the post or story to the Houfeed
  • After posting, Bookmark the post or story to the "video" guidebook you made earlier

  • Last step: add the guide to your listing(s): Menu > My listings > Guidebooks > and change from NO to YES

Preview your listing and your guide should show with the post(s) or story(s) in there

You can make guidebooks about anything: Activities - Events - Restaurants - Weather - Video's etc. Think what you would like to know when you visit a place. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a perfect set of guidebooks (recommendations) from the owner ready for you to explore.

At Houfy you can easily edit the guidebooks, posts and stories whenever you want. Try something new at Houfy and have look at some popular guidebooks to give you ideas.

Thank you, T & S

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