Why am I NOT getting any traction or bookings on Houfy?

Are you wondering why your listings on Houfy aren't getting any traction? Don't worry, you're not alone--many new members struggle with the same issue.

The reality is that there are a few key steps to successful promotion of your property on Houfy, the most important of which include having up-to-date pricing, pictures, and text as well as keeping your calendar current. Additionally, if you want to maximize your bookings it's a good idea to connect a payment method such as Stripe or Square and use the Houfy booking and messaging systems.

Houfy is work in progress and is still very much being designed. Houfy is free for anyone to use with a basic listing and does not charge guests service fees or commissions. Houfy does not have the 100s of Millions needed to market listings worldwide as the plan is to disrupt the current systems in place.

Houfy is a grass roots movement which requires hosts to promote their Houfy listings themselves to get direct bookings without "service" fees/commissions.

Why do some members get bookings and others not? Here some examples:

  1. Updated price/pictures/text ----------> Outdated pictures/pricing/text
  2. Updated Calendar -------------> Outdated calendar
  3. Connected to Stripe/Square --------------> Did not connect a payment method
  4. Use the Houfy booking/messaging system -----------> Forward inquiries to their own website
  5. Market their Houfy listing ---------------> Do not market/share their Houfy listing(s)
  6. Spend 15-30 minutes a week on Houfy --------------> Do nothing and hope something will happen
What can you do to get bookings?

Spend a little time on Houfy and share your listing socially/with friends/previous clients. Find out what others are doing to get bookings and Houfy dances in our Facebook Group. Ask questions and GO For IT! 🙂

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