How to view and upload my rental agreement

  1. Log in>Menu> Manage Listings>Edit>Settings>Rules.
  2. Upload Rental Agreement or drag and drop.

Where Does My Guest View the Agreement?

After guest enters dates and clicks "Request to Book," the screen below will appear.  Guest can download the agreement for review before checking the "I agree" box.  

How do I ask the guest for signature and collect ID?

This final step is not required but highly recommended.

  1. In your House Rules you can mention a signed agreement and ID of the credit card holder will be required before the booking is confirmed.
  2. Choose an E-signature service to obtain the guest's signature OR
  • Message the guest through your Houfy inbox. Upload the agreement there and ask them to print, sign, and scan back along with copy of ID.
  • Email the guest directly. with agreement and your requests

How to view and upload my rental agreement
Vacation Rental Agreement Templates
Feel free to use any parts of the rental agreements below. These are ONLY examples to give you ideas for content. It's best to work with an attorney who is well-versed in short term rental regulations, insurance, etc.

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