Photo Guidelines

Houfy recommends at least 1024x683 in size and 96 dpi for resolution for your Houfy listing.

Houfy reserves the right to remove photographs that violate our Terms of Service, Listings Guidelines and Copyright & Trademark Policies and suspends members who upload such media.

If you scale an image up in size, the resolution goes down = more pixelation.

Photos should be relevant to the listing represented. Specifically, they should be of a respectable quality. Photos that are overly blurry, noisy, rotated, or too dark may be removed. Horizontal photos (landscape style) display the best and are recommended. Vertical photos (portrait style) are accepted but not recommended, as these dimensions do not take full advantage of the space provided.

Photos should not be copyrighted, unless uploaded with permission of the copyright owner. You can review our copyright and trademark policy here.

Photos that violate our policies & guidelines might contain:

  • Illegal & inappropriate content
  • Violations of copyright
  • Trademark infringement
  • Pornography
  • Incitement of violence
  • Promotions of hate
  • Invasion of privacy
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